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> The 2nd beta of Carla 2.0 is here!
On 2014-08-15 by falkTX

The Carla Plugin Host 2.0 beta2 release is finally here!
This release was slightly delayed in order to ensure plugin bridges were working properly.
If you haven't heard about the Carla 2.x series do so here.

In short, this release makes plugin bridges actually work and it's the first to support MacOS (>= 10.6).
The backend is now completely toolkit agnostic, only depending on the native window system (like X11 on Linux).
This release is much more stable when compared to the previous beta - it will no longer eat your cat! ;)
It should already be good enough for regular usage, if you can ignore some incomplete UI things.

Known issues / Release notes: (all to be fixed in the next beta)

  • All DPF and JUCE-based internal plugins were removed to reduce code size and complexity, they will be re-introduced later
  • AU plugin support is available on MacOS, but the discovery mechanism fails to find them
  • Linux release has support for bridging Window plugins using Wine (32bit and 64bit).
  • Linux 32bit release will not load 64bit plugins even if ran on a 64bit system
  • MacOS Carla-Rack LV2 plugin fails to show UI
  • MacOS and Windows do not support native widgets in LV2 yet (Cocoa and HWND, respectively)
  • MacOS release is 64bit only but it can load 32bit plugins
  • Windows 64bit build doesn't provide GIG and SFZ support, use the 32bit build if you need those
  • Windows builds do not support bridges (ie, 32bit plugins on a 64bit Carla) or Carla as plugin

The next beta will change a few things, specially UI-wise.
The discovery mechanism needs to be reworked for AU support and faster LV2 access.
Adding plugins and browsing presets will probably change too.
LMMS and VST plugin versions of Carla-Rack are also planned, but no promises for these.
We'll be posting more news as things are developed.