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NOTE: Parts of this website are currently being rewritten, some links might not work at the moment.

KXStudio is and always be a free and open-source project to everyone.
Donations will help ensure that developers have the needed enthusiasm and motivation to keep working hard on the project.
Just because we're open-source doesn't mean we're allergic to money. ;)

Currently the KXStudio project accepts donations via Flattr or PayPal.
You can do a one-time donation or subscribe monthly.
In either case, we thank you in advance for any donation you make!

Note that PayPal takes a minimum 5% fee on all donations (10€ becomes 9.31€).
You can bypass this fee by sending money directly to as a friend.

This month donations: 102.96 of 300.0 € target

Last 5 donations:
2017-04-26 - 9.31€
2017-04-26 - 4.48€
2017-04-25 - 4.48€
2017-04-23 - 4.45€
2017-04-22 - 4.45€