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NOTE: Parts of this website are currently being rewritten, some links might not work at the moment.

This section lists the audio plugins made or forked by the KXStudio Team.
All plugins are open-source and completely free.

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DISTRHO provides cross-platform plugins and Linux ports, including HighLife and TAL NoiseMaker.
The official website for DISTRHO is, and its respective forums are located here.

NOTE: This is the project KXStudio uses to release original and Linux-ported audio plugins.
The split between projects allow us to make plugins non-dependent on KXStudio, but they are still made by the same team.

calf.png Calf Plugins

This is a fork of the latest development code of the Calf plugin suite, originally available at

This fork was made to re-add purposefully removed features by Calf developers, which includes LADSPA, DSSI and LV2 External-UI support.
Additionally, LRDF typos were corrected and all DSSI GUIs work now.

The new source code is available here.


This is a fork of dssi-vst, initially based on "k_amlie"'s code updates (to make it more RT friendly), with additional fixes from falkTX which includes:

  • Enabled compiler optimizations where possible (ie, -O2 -ffast-math etc)
  • Implemented time-pos support, by using a dummy jack-client (only works if host uses JACK + Transport)
  • Implemented custom data/chunk, unofficial DSSI stuff (supported in Carla and a few other hosts)
  • Fixed UI re-opening after being closed
  • Update vestige header, to make more plugins load

The source code is available here. There's a specific dssi-vst topic in the KXStudio forums here.

LV2 Extensions

The KXStudio project has a few LV2 extensions of its own, adding missing functionality into the LV2 stack.
These are: