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NOTE: The KXStudio project is currently on a break, regular development is expected to return later in 2019. Thanks for understanding.

  • KXStudio 14.04.5 Live-DVD
  • This is an Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS based Live-DVD, used to test-drive KXStudio and/or install it to your HDD.
    It contains a snapshot of the KXStudio features as of June 9th, 2017 or 09/06/2017. It uses KDE4 as Desktop Environment.

    NOTE: This ISO is quite old now and will stop being supported in April 2019, thus not recommended for new installs.
    An 18.04 based ISO is expected to be released around Summer 2019.
    Thanks for understanding.

      KXStudio 14.04.5 Live-DVD - 32bit | Mirror #1 | Mirror #2
        md5sum: 86e9b4c24ea25fe1261ac0a452602d2a
        size: 1.7 GiB

      KXStudio 14.04.5 Live-DVD - 64bit | Mirror #1 | Mirror #2
        md5sum: a249bb59f27312e69b3af8579b14e0a2
        size: 1.7 GiB

    *Please* make sure to read the Release Notes before using this product.

  • Binary Releases
  • Software developed by the KXStudio Team, pre-compiled and ready to run.

    Linux Downloads:
      Cadence (32bit, version 0.8.1)
      Cadence (64bit, version 0.8.1)
      Carla2 (32bit, version 2.0-RC3)
      Carla2 (64bit, version 2.0-RC3)
      FeSTige (32bit, version 1.0.2)

    MacOS Downloads:
      Carla2 (version 2.0-RC3 for macOS 10.8 or higher)

    Windows Downloads:
      Cadence (32bit, version 0.8.1)
      Carla2 (32bit, version 2.0-RC3)
      Carla2 (64bit, version 2.0-RC3)

  • Source Code Releases
  • Software developed by the KXStudio Team, released as source tarball so that distros other than Ubuntu (or advanced users) can pick it up.
    If you're running a Debian or Ubuntu based system, please use the KXStudio Repositories instead.

      Cadence (version 0.8.1)
      Carla2 (version 2.0-RC3)
      FeSTige (version 1.0.2)

  • Artwork
  • The KXStudio artwork, which includes:
      - KDE4 color scheme
      - KDM theme
      - KSplash theme
      - Plymouth theme
      - QtCurve config
      - Gtk2/Qt3/Qt4 theme (using qtcurve engine)
      - Gtk3 theme (using solidity engine, incomplete)
      - Metacity theme
      - XFWM4 theme
      - Wallpapers

    By using QtCurve, our theme can perfectly match Gtk2, Qt3, KDE3, Qt4 and KDE4 applications.
    See the KXStudio Artwork section for screenshots of various Desktop Environments using the KXStudio theme.

      KXStudio Artwork (version 2012-12-22)