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> KXStudio repositories are now ready for Debian!
On 2014-04-10 by falkTX

The KXStudio repositories are now ready for Debian and its derivatives (including the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04).
They should work for all Debian versions since Wheezy and Ubuntu 12.04 or above.
See the Repositories section for more information and how to enable them.

There's a list of available applications in the repository here and plugins here.
These 2 lists will quickly grow as more stuff is added in the repositories.

You can request new software to be packaged in this LinuxMusicians forum topic (although things seems a bit slow now, we'll eventually get to everyone's requests).
Please report any issues regarding packages here.

If you use the repositories, please donate to help keep packager(s) motivated. See
All this month donations will go to ensure falkTX has a good trip to the Linux Audio Conference next month!

PS: AVLinux users wanting to use the KXStudio repositories should be patient.
Something cool might come up when falkTX and GMaq meet in next month's LAC. ;)