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Documentation : KXStudio 14.04.2 : Release Notes

The information on this page is incomplete or outdated.

These are the release notes related to the KXStudio 14.04.2 Release, based on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS.

KXStudio 12.04.3 Live-DVD Notes

  • The live session user name is "kxstudio" and has no password.
  • Sometimes the keyboard layout is not set-up correctly on the live session. This can be manually fixed by running:
    setxkbmap pt (replace 'pt' by the relevant keyboard layout/language).
  • The list of packages installed on the Live-DVD is available here for 32bit and here for 64bit.

Current 12.04.3 Notes

  • Ubuntu is focused at PulseAudio and doesn't provide good raw/ALSA mixers by default if you're Desktop is not KDE.
    On such cases you should disable the PulseAudio mixer and use another tool (such as kmix, qamix, volti or alsamixer).
    You may need to reconfigure the multimedia global shortcuts to use the new mixer
  • Some applications and websites don't work nicely with dark themes, which KXStudio uses by default.
    This is not a bug in the theme(s) but rather upstream (ie, app and website authors).
    We encourage users to report such issues upstream so they can be fixed for everyone using dark themes.
  • The linux 3.8 kernel has a small regression for USB-Audio interfaces, forcing users to use a high JACK buffer-size value.
    If this affects you, consider installing linux-lowlatency-3.2, -3.5 or -3.11 which do not have the issue.